Our Partners

Exit82ART is proud to be partners with the following artists/organizations in our effort to help support the Austin art community. Interested in becoming a partner? If you are an artist or organization that has unique Austin themed artwork, we’d love to hear from you. We are always on the lookout for new opportunities to partner with new and/or established artists.

Austin City Limits is the longest running music series in American television history, one of the most exciting and successful music festivals in the United States, and an award-winning concert venue.

Created by KLRU and broadcast on PBS for 40 years, ACL TV has become an institution, as well as the recipient of a rare institutional Peabody Award, an official Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Landmark and the only TV series to ever be awarded the National Medal of Arts. Since 2002, the ACL Music Festival hosts over 130 artists and 225,000 patrons every year at Zilker Park in Austin, Texas. ACL Live at the Moody Theater opened in 2011. The winner of the Pollstar Award for “Best New Major Concert Venue” in 2012, ACL Live hosts nearly one hundred shows each year and serves as the studio home for ACL TV’s episode tapings.

Creative Suitcase is the advertising agency behind many of Austin’s most-loved brands.

We work with people and brands we believe in. We say ‘with’ and not ‘for’ because when you’re our client, we become part of your team. Our partnership works because we’re the experts in our field, but you’re the expert in your business. We’re open to ideas, open with our clients and open to our employees. We’re not built on smoke and mirrors and cheap tricks. And we don’t come into any situation with preconceived ideas or notions. We are curious about each and every opportunity and client we engage with. We’ve traveled the world and we choose to call Austin home. Our city matters to us and we do our best to do good by it and its citizens. We work with local businesses and nonprofits, donating our time, money and talents.

William K. Stidhamoriginally of San Antonio, Texas, is a contributing artist to our studio.  He has gained international recognition for his “Sacred Heart Series”.  Bill says that the Sacred Heart in the series represents the gifts that we have been given individually, the thing we are compelled to share with the world, the beauty inside each and every one of us that makes us special. These Sacred Heart paintings are actually meant as encouragement, signposts, for us to “shift the planet” with our own talent.  He currently resides in Austin, Texas.  Check out all his work at www.williamkstidham.com.

Selena Fara, a Brooklyn based painter, is a contributing artist to our studio. With no formal training, she was voted the 2011 Los Angeles RAW Artist of the Year and has since worked non stop as a visual artist doing original commissions and gallery shows. She also has training in photojournalism from Orange Coast College in Orange County, CA, and will be contributing photography from Brooklyn and Manhattan along with her original artwork.  Check out her original work at www.selenafara.com.

Michael Kays Dirksen